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Did you know that Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world? With an average of 5 trillion transactions per day, the foreign exchange market is a complex and highly volatile investment area. For this reason it is of utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with the basics of the FX market if you don’t want to lose money and create winning trading strategies. You should develop them with a free forex demo account first and only after that open a real trading account at the best FX Broker in your country.

No matter what your level of trading knowledge about the market is, you should keep educating yourself, brushing up on what you already know and learning new things, especially if you are dealing with such an uncertain and changing sector as the investment world.

The Top 15 Forex Trading Books

#1 Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets
#2 Market Wizards
#3 Warren Buffett
#4 The Intelligent Investor
#5 The Alchemy of Finance
#6 Forex for Ambitious Beginners
#7 The Wyckoff Method
#8 The Black Swan
#9 Forex Trading – Putting it into Practice
#10 A Street Trader
#11 Advanced Forex Professional Course
#12 Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market
#13 Trading Code is Open
#14 Naked Forex
#15 International forex trading: a way of life

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

This book helped many traders get results quickly. It is a bible of sorts for those who firmly want a more technical approach to the world of financial markets. Knowing the index and how to read charts is critical in both the online trading and investment world. Through this book/guide, the author offers some interesting ideas on the techniques to follow, trying to give priority to the futures markets. The Italian version of this book is published by Hoepli and is already in its second edition. This book has almost completely positive reviews, which you can verify by doing a simple search. We believe it is one of the “basic” books to always have at your fingertips. It is a very useful manual on trading for both the beginner and the more experienced and well-traveled trader.

The Book Author: John Murphy
La Société Anonyme Rating: *****

Market Wizards

A detailed study on the mindset of the winning trader. Schwager’s Sales Success became a classic thanks to the detailed and exclusive interviews with stars of the financial environment, from Marty Schwartz to Tom Baldwin. From the beginning, you can read interviews with futures and exchange experts who, during their careers, have managed to turn thousands of dollars into millions. The second part deals mainly with commodities, while the last part deals with the psychology of a trader. The author of Black Swan, Nassim Taleb (no stranger) described this book as “The best book on trading ever written”. We agree with the latter thought and, if you have not done so, we suggest you buy this book.

The Book Author: Jack Schwager
La Société Anonyme Rating: *****

Warren Buffett

One of the most important books for any trader that cannot be missing on your bookshelves. More than a strategy manual, this is the biography (plus useful trading tips) of the greatest trader who ever lived: Sir Warren Buffett. The book covers Warren’s life from his teenage years to the founding of Berkshire Hathaway. Through this book and thanks to some stories from the lives of his closest associates, you will understand why Warren Buffett never missed an opportunity. From the techniques to acquire only the most undervalued companies in the market, to the study of the basic concepts of a company. The world of Warren Buffett, and all his thoughts, are found in one of the most important biographical books of recent years. Undoubtedly, we are talking about one of the books that every trader must necessarily buy.

The Book Author: Robert Hagstrom
La Société Anonyme Rating: *****

The Intelligent Investor

If we talk about Warren Buffett, we also have to talk about Ben Graham. Buffett’s mentor, his college professor and his first employer. Ben Graham’s philosophy and approach to trading have permanently changed the fate of many traders (including Buffett). Thanks to his most celebrated work, The Intelligent Investor, you can discover all the techniques used by Ben Graham over the decades and understand which companies you can buy based on their real value and not market value. Only by knowing the real value of a company can you make a conscious purchase and obtain good results in the medium and long term. His way of thinking and studying the markets changed radically in 1929, after he suffered disastrous losses due to the economic crisis of 1930 called “The Great Depression”. From that moment on, he began to study companies more closely and, within a few years, he brought his investment company back to the top.

The Book Author: Ben Graham
La Société Anonyme Rating: *****

The Alchemy of Finance

The book written by the man “who moves the markets”, i.e. George Soros, is a must for anyone approaching the study of the analysis of today’s financial markets. This is a guide to trading rather than a book on how to follow trends and perfect your investment strategy. Thanks to this “Work on Paper,” Soros demonstrates his investment strategies, including his “theory of reflexivity.” A book full of business lessons and extraordinary advice. Of course, we have to say that Soros is not one of the world’s most beloved traders, but his results are almost as unquestionable as Warren Buffett’s. Discovering what is behind his trading strategies is necessary for every self-respecting trader.

The Book Author: George Soros
La Société Anonyme Rating: *****

Forex for Ambitious Beginners

What’s so special about the book? First of all, the author doesn’t try to make you believe in the ease of making money trading Forex, but rather helps you protect your capital, find a strategy that works for you according to your personality and, above all, helps you avoid falling into the typical mistakes that many newbies make.

His goal is to help you find your potential as a trader so that you can build a solid foundation of knowledge. It introduces novices to the world of economics in a simple way thanks to its examples and vocabulary. The book ends with a quiz where you can put into practice, through real tests, everything explained above.

The Book Author: Jelle Peters
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

The Wyckoff Method

What’s so special about the book? Any trader who trades or wants to invest in foreign exchange should at least know Enrique Diaz Valdecantos’ method. His principles on the functioning of supply and demand are necessary to recognize the precise conditions and the right time to trade. The method is based on several key points that will help you understand price movement, accumulation processes and learn to read charts by observing price and volume.

The Book Author: Enrique Díaz Valdecantos
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

The Black Swan

What’s so special about the book? This book is the most different on the list, as it does not talk about charts, it has no financial vocabulary and its examples do not describe trading strategies. In fact, it aims to help you understand how unpredictable, rare and extreme events work. To do so, it analyzes the human tendency to seek explanations for situations that are often beyond our control. Through various examples and based on psychology, the author seeks to convey a ‘simple logic’ to situations that cause us uncertainty. That is why many traders have found in this book a help to handle unexpected situations in the Forex market.

The Book Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

Forex Trading – Putting it into Practice

What’s so special about the book? Nogales proposes that the easiest way to learn is by practicing and for that you need, first of all, an instructor. Thus, this work brings together the theory of the ‘4M’ proposed by the author (Mechanics, Method, Monetary and Mind), through which you can improve your strategies and achieve the expected results. If you already invest in Forex but are not getting good results, you may want to take a look at this book. It also has graphs and examples very easy to understand thanks to a clear and manageable language that create an entertaining reading.

The Book Author: Juan José Nogales
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

A Street Trader

What’s so special about the book, you don’t know when to stop or keep investing, you feel insecure when it comes to it? Federico Bustos’ work helps you to clear your doubts, put an end to insecurity and reduce the risk of operations through his techniques. In this book, the trader and CEO of komtutrading reveals the necessary steps for you to learn to identify your weaknesses and their solutions. Each chapter is designed for you to work independently with information on technical analysis. It also contains supporting videos to facilitate understanding, which you can consult online.

The Book Author: Federico Bustos
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

Advanced Forex Professional Course

What is so special about the book? It is rather a manual aimed at all those who already operate in Forex and want to acquire more knowledge. The book proposes a complete method where you learn and seek to achieve significant profitability every month. It provides all the necessary tools to become a successful trader, teaches you how to manage the rhythm and speed of the market and also provides you with technical knowledge. The author herself refers to her work as a course that will give you the tools to become a great analyst and control your feelings in a professional way when trading. It is not recommended for beginners as the vocabulary and examples are quite technical.

The Book Author: Isabel Nogales Naharro
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market

What’s so special about the book? Understanding, analyzing, examining and learning are the main characteristics that any investor needs for either short or long term trading. Since the author knows that the currency market is a world full of competition, challenges and often aggressive techniques, she also presents her book as a basic manual for expert traders. The best part of the book is undoubtedly its up-to-date statistics, recent analysis and fundamental Forex strategies.

The Book Author: Kathy Lien
La Société Anonyme Rating: ****

Trading Code is Open

What’s so special about the book? To be successful in forex, commodities and other markets you need to learn how to trade strategically. This is achieved through charts, images, models and trading techniques so that you can understand how the markets work more easily. The author explains how market prices, movements and behaviors have become obvious, so that many of them can be deciphered without any problem. Along these lines, Poltoratskiy describes how he discovered these patterns, how to identify them and how, through his teachings, you can improve the outcome of your investments.

The Book Author: Jack D. Schwager
La Société Anonyme Rating: ***

Naked Forex

This book transports you to the ‘naked’ world of Forex, where it proposes a simple, technique-packed trading method to help you understand currency trading and its trading methods through six essential steps. It provides a rational, effective approach without the need to remember a pattern to follow, as it gives you the freedom to find the best method and trade the Forex markets yourself, bearing in mind that currency trading is actually not as difficult as it is portrayed to be. To achieve this, the author sets out to reveal his secrets to you and present you with a basic and simple Forex manual.

The Book Author: Alex Nekritin and Walter Peters
La Société Anonyme Rating: ***

International forex trading: a way of life

What’s so special about the book? Through a simple vocabulary the author facilitates the basic understanding of the forex market. Through comparisons and real-life examples, you will learn to control your emotions by following his advice and suggestions, as well as establishing the discipline necessary for you to invest objectively. And as its title indicates, it basically provides the necessary tools for you to make Forex a lifestyle.

The Book Author: Tony Valoz
La Société Anonyme Rating: ***


Forex and Binary Differences: If you are already a binary trader or have not yet dared to try it, you have surely heard more than once about Forex trading and wondered what is the difference between one and the other. It could also be that you are a Forex trader and have thought about switching to binary options. First you have to know that Forex operations are operations in the currency market, so if we operate with EUR/USD, what we would be doing is to translate what is worth one euro in dollar. In binary options we can operate in many different types of securities and one of them is to invest in currency pairs, but what we would do is to predict the value of the quotation at a given time. The payout you are offered in Forex depends on currency fluctuations. Thus, over the course of a transaction, if you trade at the right time you can earn quite a lot of money in Forex, but you can also lose it. On the other hand, in binary options the amount to be won is known from the beginning of the operation, which makes the amount of money to be won invariable but certain.